November 30th, Trello is experiencing an outage affecting many users. Reports are coming in from various parts of the world, indicating that this isn’t just a minor issue but a substantial and widespread one.

According to Down Detector, a platform that monitors outage reports, Trello has received numerous incident reports, confirming that this organizational tool is inaccessible to its users. In the past hours alone, more than 1600 outage reports have been registered.

Trello down

We, at SnelleWeb rely on Trello daily and have also been impacted by this downtime. We’re encountering difficulties with logging in, and even when we manage to access the program, we’re experiencing significantly slower loading times.

The timeframe for when this invaluable application will be fully operational again remains uncertain. However, as is common with online software, the possibility of such outages exists. We hope that Trello will be up and running smoothly in the near future.